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A short introduction to APIDONUM and our vision

Creams, made with love

APIDONUM are 100% natural, rich, nutritious creams full of vitamins and minerals which will make your skin wonderfully smooth, keeping it protected and nurtured. The creams contain no chemicals, preservatives or additives and are suitable for people of all ages and skin types. They are full of first-class ingredients, all of which are completely natural and healthy, as proven by many certificates our creams have received. Our patented formula enables us to efficiently use numerous gifts which nature has provided us with in the long centuries of evolutionary process. Increasing numbers of positive customer responses show without a doubt that more and more people are starting to appreciate quality natural cosmetics without artificial substances, chemicals and unwanted side-effects.

The name 'APIDONUM' is derived from Latin and stands for 'Gift from the bees'. It refers to the many gifts which bees bring to man. Just like the hexagonal shape of the hives marks their homes, the bees provide us with six precious products: honey, pollen, vax, propolis, royal jelly and bee poison. These gifts form the basis of APIDONUM products, which are further enriched by various bio oils and essences.

In general, the bees play a crucial role in our lives, since they are a key player in the production of food – for example, fruit production is 80% dependent on the pollination carried out by the bees. More than 30% of entire world’s food production depends on the bees. Use of bee products has been present in human societies since the very beginning of humanity. Their beneficial effects have been highly appreciated since the times of ancient Egypt, when they were only available to pharaohs, who had divine status. They were also used by Greek, Chinese, Indus, Babylonian, Hittite and Sumerian civilizations. In recent years, scientists once again started to intensively study bee products and their effects. Of course science has so far only scratched the surface of the enormous potential of bee products, and new findings are getting reported constantly. There is no doubt that the future will bring plenty new scientific findings about the numerous benefits of bee products.

Another area where natural gifts provided by bees can be used with great success is cosmetics. There are many studies showing the negative effects of chemical cosmetic preparations and we have all heard of countless examples of bad practices used by the cosmetic industry maximize its profits. That is why we at APIDONUM decided to take an entirely opposite approach: we have created creams which are 100% natural, organic, and contain only the best Nature has to offer, without any preservatives and chemicals. We put the excellence of our products before the profit. Our greatest reward are the happy and shiny faces of our users. We want to pour our enthusiasm and love into a product that will satisfy and nurture skin in a natural, skin-friendly way. We are strongly aware of countless gifts provided by nature, and we are happy to see that more and more people are starting to realize all the advantages of natural products and are beginning to see through the massive advertising of harmful chemical products pushed by large cosmetics corporations. In a time when we are constantly exposed to negative effects of modern environment, we must find ways to keep our body in balance by returning to what is natural. With great respect for the nature and all its powers, APIDONUM will continue to create and develop cutting edge creams for all the lovers of natural cosmetics.

  • certified product
  • confirmed to be healthy
  • microbiologically tested for quality
  • 100% natural organic materials
  • no synthetic preservatives
  • no synthetic fragrances or colorings
  • rich with antioxidants
  • rich with vitamins and minerals
  • doesn’t include allergens
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • safe and effective cosmetics
  • suitable and delightful for all ages




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