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Frequently asked questions of our users and short explanations

About APIDONUM cosmetics

1. Can you use creams if you are allergic to honey?
If you are allergic to honey, we advise caution when using APIDONUM cosmetics.

2. Can you use creams if you are allergic to pollen?
APIDONUM creams do not contain pollen, so you can use them.

3. Can you use creams if you are allergic to bee stings?
You can use creams, we even recommend that you apply the cream to bee or other insects stings.

4. Can you use creams for all skin types?
Yes. APIDONUM creams are not specifically determined by skin type, but by the complexity of your skin, as they are “food” for your skin. You can choose a cream based on the effectiveness of the oil added to each cream.

5. Can APIDONUM creams be used on damaged skin or abrasions?
You. All creams contain honey and propolis, which prevents further infection and triggers the healing of damaged or otherwise irritated skin. It is especially recommended for cuts, falls or bumps.

6. Can you apply the cream even after shaving or depilation?
Yes, you can. Because it soothes the skin nicely and restores the silky feeling.

7. Can you use APIDONUM creams if you have psoriasis, skin diseases, pigments or acne?
Yes, because even in these cases, the creams alleviate these skin conditions extremely well.

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Apidonum is gift from the bees. Nourish your skin with quality natural anti-age creams made in Slovenia. Take a look at the most popular products and choose your own!