Organic beekeeping

Bee products from organic beekeeping


We keep our hives and honey completely free and protected of any chemicals

Following the rules of organic beekeeping, we keep our hives and honey completely free and protected of any chemicals. Bee products used in production of APIDONUM cosmetics are therefore completely natural and organic. Organic beekeeping is the standard we are absolutely committed to.

Granting the product quality and preserving biodiversity

Organic beekeeping makes an important contribution to ensuring quality and healthy bee products and preserving and improving biodiversity. At the same time, it goes hand in hand with the awareness of consumers who choose health-friendly foods.

In production of Apidonum cosmetics e are taking great care in using only first-class, completely natural and organic ingredients. We can therefore proudly stand behind a top products made of only the highest quality ingredients obtained from mother nature in – both nature and human – friendly way.

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The ecological principles of beekeeping differ from the conventional in many ways

The difference between conventional and organic beekeeping is important. Organic beekeeping requires a completely different care for bee families and beehives must be located deep in nature, away from any pollutants.

Feeding bee colonies is allowed only with organically grown sugar. Regulations strictly prohibit the use of chemical preparations for health issues and the control of bee pests. Agrotechnical measures – the use of organic acids and essential oils are prescribed, and synthetic substances are prohibited.

Bees must be kept away from industry, at least a kilometer from road junctions and also away from landfills. The most suitable are slopes of the forests, where the environment is unspoiled and clean.

In the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, for the needs of organic beekeeping, beekeeping is allowed only with the autochthonous Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera L. carnica Pollmann).

Bee products we use in making cosmetics are therefore completely organic and healthy

Beekeepers who want to declare their crops under the label of organic production must comply with the prescribed rules set by European and Slovenian regulations. In Slovenia, the area is regulated in detail by the Rules on organic production and processing of agricultural products.

Compliance with the rules of organic beekeeping is controlled by independent, authorized and accredited control organizations, which are appointed by the minister responsible for agriculture. There are four such control organizations in Slovenia:

– KON-CERT, Inštitut za kontrolo in certifikacijo v kmetijstvu in gozdarstvu (SI-EKO-001)
– IKC, Inštitut za kontrolo in certifikacijo UM (SI-EKO-002)
– TUV SUD Sava (SI-EKO-004)