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Apidonum: Verified and Certified Quality

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APIDONUM creams contain no harmful chemicals and are made from 100% natural ingredients, as proven by certificates and standard for high quality cosmetics.

APIDONUM are 100% natural, rich, nutritious creams full of vitamins and minerals which will make your skin wonderfully smooth, keeping it protected and nurtured. The creams contain no chemicals, preservatives or additives and are suitable for people of all ages and skin types.

They are full of first-class ingredients, all of which are completely natural and healthy, as proven by many certificates and standard for high quality cosmetics. Our patented formula enables us to efficiently use numerous gifts which nature has provided us with in the long centuries of evolutionary process.



Aromacert® is standard that guarantees high degree of quality from the point of strict aromatherapeutic criteria.

AROMACERT® - Standard of high quality cosmetics

Aromacert® is standard that guarantees high degree of quality from the point of strict aromatherapeutic criteria.

When using Aromacert® sign labeled cosmetic products, you can be sure that they follow the principles of naturalness, autenticity and purity of ingredients, as they have been thoroughly checked. In charge of the aromatherapeutic certification of products as well as issuing of the Aromacert® sign of quality, is the team of experts in biochemistry and chemistry, which ensures the adequate quality of the product. Due to high standards and regulations of aromatherapy and its procedures, the degree of quality and efficiency of cosmetic product is equally high.

Natural pigments
Natural products should shine in colours of the nature, provided only by natural pigments (carotenoids, pelargonidin, delfinidin …). They can be quiet or they can attract a great deal of attention, but never in an intrusive way.

Natural emulsifiers
Natural cosmetic contains only emulsifiers with natural origin, used also in food industry (lecithin, stearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate citrate …), as well as the lowest effective concentration of preservatives.

Natural ingredients
From the very first to the very last, from the most evident to the best hidden – every single ingredient of natural product must be of natural origin. When choosing natural ingredients, we use those who’s use will minimally affect the environment.

Not tested on animals
When creating a product, our team of experts in biochemistry and chemistry stands behind ingredients of natural and controlled origin. Expected effects are therefore known and the animals are grateful.

Adequate labelling
Natural product is labelled according to the valid legislation regarding cosmetic products. Listing is in English, including essential oils used in a product, their main compounds and aromatherapeutic function.

Natural scent
When it smells like nature, it smells like 100 % natural and pure essential oils. Natural scent opens the door to the magical world of aromatherapy by gently taking us over and beneficently affecting our frame of mind and well-being.

Apidonum is gift from the bees. Nourish your skin with quality natural anti-age creams made in Slovenia. Take a look at the most popular products and choose your own!